Important information following the new national travel restrictions

All of us at AEGEAN try to serve you in the best possible way every day, with your safety as a priority. Given the constantly changing circumstances brought about by the COVID – 19 pandemic, we need to adjust our flight schedule regularly, based on the travel restrictions imposed by the competent authorities.

In compliance with the decision made by the Greek Government for the nationwide restrictions, we would like to inform you for the below:

Domestic Flights: According to the new regulations, as of Monday, November 9th traveling to domestic destinations and outside the boundaries of each prefecture is allowed to passengers for business purposes, for imperative family reasons, in order to return to permanent residence or for health reasons (essential travel) and with the relevant mandatory official form describing the reason of the movement.

Additionally, as of Tuesday, November 10th, domestic flights from/to Thessaloniki which were temporary suspended upon Government decision, will be restored.

International Flights: According to the new regulations as of Tuesday, November 10th all passengers, incoming and also, as decided by the authorites, the outgoing ones, must have completed the PLF (Passenger Locator Form), not later than the previous day of their flight. In addition, as of Wednesday, November 11th all passengers entering Greece are required to hold a negative molecular control (PCR) COVID-19 test result, which must have been carried out up to 72 hours before their arrival in Greece.

Based on the new restrictions and being now more experienced and better equipped since the management of the first lockdown, we will continue supporting the connectivity of our country, region and islands, by maintaining the domestic network and a significant part of our international network, with adjusted frequencies which will be revised as needed. Our top priority, of course, remains the health and safety of our passengers and crews.

In any case, as travel restrictions between countries are constantly changing, we kindly advise you before planning your trip to check for any new changes or updates at

Nevertheless, if these new travel restrictions do not allow your travel or if you do not wish to travel, you can change your ticket either for a flight during the lockdown period or for any other future travel date, with no rebooking fees. If you wish to make any changes, it is not required to contact our call center department, you may proceed with the change directly from our website using the “My Booking” option at or through your travel agency.

Stay safe and we look forward to welcoming you on board soon.

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