Las Palmas – towing service

“October 31, 2020 is approaching and the two concessionary companies of the provision of the towing service in the ports managed by the Las Palmas Port Authority must have adapted and adjusted their equipment to the new specifications approved by the port entity last May”“Odiel Towage, a subsidiary of Fairplay, has disregarded the obligations arising from the towing service specifications in force, and has not moved any file to adapt its mechanical (tugboats) and human requirements to the requirements of the specifications, so The Port Authority will be forced to cancel its license on November 1. As far as we know, some workers already comment that the company has brought them together to inform them that as of November 1 they will no longer provide services in the Port of Las Palmas and they will have to go to work wherever there is demand, which de facto implies that many will quit their job at the company. Some voices even talk that they will start their departure on the 28th. Some of their units seem to be destined for an African port, while others will depart for ports in northern Europe and Germany. We will see.”

Se acerca el día 31 de octubre y las dos empresas concesionarias de la prestación del servicio de remolque en los puertos gestionados por la Autoridad Portuaria de Las Palmas deben haber adaptado y ajustado sus equipos al nuevo pliego aprobado por el ente portuario el pasado mes de mayo. .


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