A personal note on COVID-19

“…it’s probably NOT just the flu…”

It was a few weeks ago when I received the news that so many people worldwide,  across Spain and my country Greece had already received — My mother was tested positive for COVID-19. I was scared. I was seriously scared.

I live thousands of miles away, she is living alone and there are not many things anyone could possibly do. I was terrified and completely out-of-focus. Sleepless nights, body pain, near to a nervous breakdown.

All of a sudden, my cash flow problems ( I run a newly established Private Company) that kept me stressed and awake for weeks- seemed unimportant.

To make matters worse, my mom (Miss Fotini/Κυρία Φωτεινή), a retired primary school teacher, is 70+ years old, with cardiac problems and she is stubborn. Very stubborn (like the majority of the Cretan-Greeks & the Greeks in general).

So either because of a “perverse” type of “pride” or because of fear or because of tiredness of being around hospitals and doctors, she had decided to ignore the initial signs and the asthenia of COVID disease. 

Although immediately locked herself in (just in case), she refused to accept the facts. She diagnosed whatever she had “…probably it’s just the flu…”  and did not take the test as she was supposed to do (finally she did the test on the 13th – 14th day after a lot of pressure from me and my brother). 

She and we were very fortunate as COVID came with minimal symptoms, though they hit her like a wave. Body aches, light fever, weakness and headaches. Oh, the weakness; weakness was the worst as she told me.

She felt extremely tired, not able to get herself off the bed most of the time. I could tell how exhausted she was by her voice; a voice seemingly coming from the abyss.

Why am I sharing all these? No clue! Maybe because now that she is in the recovery period, now that she “escaped” -although still very tired- I feel more relieved and grateful and wiser. 

Relieved because it is proven that Ms. Fotini is a hard nut to crack and that her healthy lifestyle has been of assistance. 

Grateful to God and our luck for the final result . 

Grateful to MY people and their patience. People I sincerely care about and that I have “ignored”, annoyed, disrespected, made them angry, or whatever else I made them feel during this time. I truly love them, more now, I apologize for my attitude, I apologize for disappearing and I miss YOU ALL!

It is that sometimes I  prefer to stay silent rather than explaining all the shit that’s going on in my head and my life. 

Wiser… mainly because I was able to see the “true colors of plenty”…

Take care of your loved ones and be healthy everyone. 

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AthinaiRadio.com is where I can express my opinion -mostly in Greek- and upload interesting articles; the majority of the content is related to the highly competitive and continuously changing maritime environment.

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